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22, Svarstyklės
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enjoy the view!!
enjoy the view!! 8 Nuotraukos 8 photos
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Lytis Moteris
Seksualiniai pomėgiai Biseksualas
Amžius 22
Ūgis 160 cm - 170 cm [5'4" - 5'6"]
Svoris 60 - 70 kg [140 - 160 lbs]
Plaukai Tamsūs
Akys Rudos
Kilmė Europos/Kaukazo
Kalbos Ispanų
Intymi šukuosena Nuskusta
Krūtinės dydis Didelė
Užpakalis Didelis
Mane sujaudina
The hot talks, the vibrations, touch me while I imagine everything you can do with me.
Soft caresses, oil in my body, interactive toys.
It makes me very hot to take my dildo and imagine that it is your delicious cock and you generate an immense pleasure.
Apie mane
My name i***aroline, I am a fun, passionate, focused and very ambitious woman!! You will always find a smile in me, someone with whom you can entertain yourself, have a good time, or perhaps become the best thing in your life... why? Because I will know how to get you out of the day to day!
I love going to the movies, a good meal, a couple of drinks and having a conversation about my dreams and aspirations... After this? After this comes the fun!
I am a very sensual, hot woman, I like to experiment and warming up beforehand is my specialty... I love good spankings, hair grabbing and your fingers rubbing my lips... If I'm honest writing this I'm a bit wet, so let's talk... but first, one last secret about me, I love role-playing!!
Mane atstumia
I don't like being treated badly

don't give me orders if you don't help in my room
just enjoy the show
I don't do dirty show
I don't have social networks
Ką aš veikiu per internetinę kamerą
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i like surprises for me
i like surprises for me
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